Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

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About Shaeeda

Shaeeda known as Westindianbella was born and raised in the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago. In 2017, the 33 years old, began her yoga journey, which she describes as some of the darkest moments of her life. To overcome her grief and sadness she fell in love with yoga. This discovery was haphazard, it started with trying to attempt a headstand. After many failed attempts she came across yoga preparatory poses. After practicing the poses, finally she was able to achieve a well balanced headstand. This spiked her interest in Yoga. After a couple months of practicing yoga Shaeeda decided to become certified.

Today she is a Registered Yoga teacher with a RYT 250 in Vinyasa Yoga from Aura Wellness in Massachusetts, USA. Shaeeda’s yoga has been more of a flexibility gift. Her extreme fast pace flexibility accomplishments is what fascinated most of her fans.

Her dynamic style teaches flexibility apart from Vinyasa yoga. Her yoga aims at strength, flexibility and stability. She aims to enable her students to feel confident and get results in their yoga practice; allowing them to believe in their ability to practice. Shaeeda is grateful to her former teacher: Dr Paul Jerard, he has taught her to be patient in her practice- Shaeeda believes yoga is a continual process of discovery, it gets better with time and practice. Shaeeda teaches flexibility virtual classes worldwide. As an avid student Shaeeda continues to evolve her practice. 

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“Westindianbella has helped me do a split in 3 months. Her classes are that good. She is dedicated to her practice and teaches you how to become flexible. She is a fantastic teacher.”

Tricia R

“I will always recommend Westindianbella as a yoga teacher. She adds her own twist to teaching. She changes yoga from boring to interesting and fun. Her classes is often fun but indeed a definite workout. She teaches to give you results. My favorite teacher of all time!”

Nalina S

“ I’ve been practicing yoga for a while and took classes with other instructors. The most I’ve learnt in a traditional yoga class is downward dog and lunges.Since I started classes with Westindianbella I’m able to do so many other yoga poses like seated compass, wheel pose, eight angle pose and also a split in only 8 months of class. "

Zeena D

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