Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

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About Shaeeda

Shaeeda was born in Tobago to a mixed raced mother of Dominican Republic, Spain and Afro Trinidadian and her father is Grenadian and Afro Trinidadian. She is from the beautiful twin island of Trinidad and Tobago.She is known as Westindianbella in the world of Yoga.She is a prominent yoga instructor as well as a public figure. Shaeeda was featured on the TLC hit show 90 Day Fiance S9, and Happily Ever After? S7.  In 2017, at 33 years old she started her yoga journey after plummeting in her career and personal life. It all began with failed headstand attempts. Shaeeda found preparatory yoga poses which helped her to achieve a headstand. Shaeeda fell in love with yoga after this, and her interest grew more assertive. One year later she became a certified yoga instructor. Today she is a licensed yoga teacher with an RYT 250hr in Vinyasa Yoga from Aura Wellness in Massachusetts, USA. Do you know what her X-factor is? She was able to showcase fast-paced flexibility skills and accomplishments. Her yoga was more of a flexibility gift which also took her on the road to becoming a popular flexibility instructor.
Why is her teaching style famous? As a professional yoga instructor, she delivers complete attention to her students.She has a dynamic teaching style where she teaches flexibility and fitness with Vinyasa Yoga. As an experienced yoga instructor, she focuses mainly on breathing, flexibility, fitness, strength and stability. As her student she will always support you in achieving your yoga goals and aiming for higher ones. She learned alot of values and teaching from her mentor Dr. Paul Jerard.
She has virtual flexibility fitness yoga classes that she delivers globally to her students.

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“Westindianbella has helped me do a split in 3 months. Her classes are that good. She is dedicated to her practice and teaches you how to become flexible. She is a fantastic teacher.”

Tricia R

“I will always recommend Westindianbella as a yoga teacher. She adds her own twist to teaching. She changes yoga from boring to interesting and fun. Her classes is often fun but indeed a definite workout. She teaches to give you results. My favorite teacher of all time!”

Nalina S

“ I’ve been practicing yoga for a while and took classes with other instructors. The most I’ve learnt in a traditional yoga class is downward dog and lunges.Since I started classes with Westindianbella I’m able to do so many other yoga poses like seated compass, wheel pose, eight angle pose and also a split in only 8 months of class. "

Zeena D

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